Weekends in Boulder

Still a bit sick, but quite a bit better today. I went on a short hike/walk with a couple of women from my lab who are also at summer school. This afternoon I’m going to look into the possibility of hiring a bike for the remainder of my time here – may also try to make it to the pool for some lazy breaststroke (don’t think I am capable of much else).

I had one end of my plastic circular needles snap last night, so will have to find a replacement (I have some leads on a good knitting store in Boulder, but probably easier to get to once I have a bike).

There’s lots of wildlife here. Awoke to a raccoon fight (over ownership of some rubbish bins, I think) in the middle of the night – sounds much the same as a cat fight, really. Lots of hissing and trying to get the other raccoon to back off. There’s a couple of raccoon families living around the residence halls here. After dark you see the mothers out with their babies (cubs?) – usually 3 or 4 of them.


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