Good Times in Boulder

The second half of my first weekend was at least as good as the first. I managed to rent a bike I started with a cruiser, which was cheap, and a lot of fun to ride, but I quickly realized that there isn’t a flat street in Boulder. Gears aren’t really a bad thing sometimes. I went back today and changed it for a bike with gears. Not nearly as much fun, but much easier to get up the hills.

Once I’d organized a bike for myself I rode into the downtown area. I picked up postcards, some new stationery, a journal (which I intend to use to keep track of things I’m knitting, all in one place) and a guide book for Vancouver, which I’m hoping to drive to while I’m in Seattle. I’m still in the business of looking for a waterproof shell/jacket – hopefully on sale. They seem so expensive otherwise.

Today I had lunch with a bunch of girls at Lucile’s, which is something of a Boulder institution. They serve southern cuisine (Louisiana, specifically), and I ate a lot of things I’d never eaten before: beignets, buttermilk biscuits, and grits. It was good, but it was a lot of food – I didn’t feel like eating again until late this evening.

There were plans to hike to a lake to swim this afternoon, but this was thwarted when a thunderstorm rolled through. Instead, I went home, where I collapsed, and then did my laundry. Not exactly an exciting Sunday night in…


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