T-Shirt Design

Somehow, I have become responsible the creation of the summer school’s t-shirt design. This is particularly surprising, as I had no ideas for t-shirt design and I don’t have any artistic talent. I don’t even particularly care what is on the t-shirt.

In any case, I held a “t-shirt design discussion session”, talked with the husband of one of the other students (he happens to be a graphic designer), and organized a vote on the final t-shirt design. We now have a final design (or at least, I hope a final design), and I really like it.

The design is a play on the iPod Silhouette commercials. The front shows silhouettes of a group of people with a mountain range in the background, and the word “iMatter” in the corner. The back shows an iTunes playlist, and will list lecturers and topics from the school.


5 thoughts on “T-Shirt Design

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