Last Day in Boulder

Today was my last full day in Boulder, and I’ve been doing my best to make the most of things before I leave. Yesterday I skipped lunch in the dining hall (I am well and truly over college cafeteria food – I’m not sure how this bodes for the next academic year when I have a bumper 10 meals/week of cafeteria food) and had lunch with Paul at the Great Harvest Bread Company. The sandwich I had was OK (certainly better than cafeteria food), but not great – a little too heavy on the hummus, and a little to light on the cheese.

After lunch I had Paul drop me downtown, where I ran some errands (bought some birthday cards and other necessities), had my haircut, and bought a few last minute things.

I had my haircut at The Parlour by Kiki. I picked The Parlour because it was listed Best in Boulder for 2006, and I wasn’t disappointed – Kiki did a great job. Their space was packed and very busy (something I hadn’t anticipated), but the vibe was good, and I’m happy with my cut, so no complaints.

I discovered Mixx bags – they make incredibly cute bags that are reasonably priced. I picked up a tote bag for myself and a iPod nano holder as a gift. I also got some very cute sticky notes, and a couple of knitting magazines.

I met up with a large group of summer school attendees for dinner at The Med – I love tapas! I even managed to talk to some people that I hadn’t really talked to up until now, so a very successful evening.

Today I skipped lunch in the dining hall, heading to the Boulder Teahouse again. I had their Moroccan Cous Cous salad (delicious) and chocolate bread pudding. I don’t need to explain how much better this was than cafeteria food!

Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle where I’ll meet up with Dad and Satnam and his family.


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