Peach Cobbler, An External Hard Drive, and Vina

This afternoon I stopped by the farmer’s market, and picked up a bag of peaches. I ate one or two myself, but I still had a lot left – I decided to make a cobbler. Cobblers are something I hadn’t eaten at all before moving to America. What a discovery! They are seriously delicious. The recipe I used was for Stone Fruit Cobbler, from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. It’s excellent, especially when served with vanilla ice-cream.

My computer upgrade was completed today. About a week ago I had my new hard-drive installed. What a difference! With 4 times the RAM and over twice as much space on the hard drive, my computer just zooms along. As an added bonus, the old hard drive still works (although it probably isn’t the most reliable thing ever). For a mere $10 I bought an aluminium case for it, and I now have an external hard drive. Hooray! It actually looks quite nice, and it works just fine. The money that I’ve spent upgrading my laptop has certainly been worth it. It’s cost much less than I new computer, and what I have now is very acceptable (in a way that what I used to have wasn’t).

This is yarn for Vina (another bag!) which I’ve been coveting ever since I got Rowan Magazine 39. It’s taken me a while to collect all the colors, but I’ve finally got them. I love, love, love the colors, and I can always use another bag. The fairisle on the front flap looks a bit complicated (more than two colors in some rows) – by far the most difficult fairisle I’ve tried – but I’m sure it will be worth it. I’ve also got to brush up on my crochet skills.

While we were on Mt Desert Island in Maine, Mum, Clare and I all bought yarn at a yarn store we found there. I was by far the most restrained. This is Crystal Palace Iceland Print, which will be used to make a baby Peruvian hat. I’ve made one of this before, and I have to admit that the “boings” on the top amuse me no end.

I think that this time around I’ll knit the next-to-smallest size. I couldn’t convince myself that the smallest size would fit on anyone’s head!


6 thoughts on “Peach Cobbler, An External Hard Drive, and Vina

  1. knewknitter says:

    Hi. the vina bag looks great. I have been wanting to make this bag for a long time. But i have been looking for a sub. yarn (mainly because of price but also because i thought the rowan handknit was a little thin for a bag). Do you think this bag would work with a wool yarn? Any suggestions would be appreciated. (i have found some yarns on sale, but none had enough of the main colors !) Thanks!

  2. Katie says:

    I’d be reluctant to substitute a wool yarn – I think you want something without too much elasticity or stretch. Another cotton yarn would be fine, though. Also, gauge isn’t super-important with this pattern. If you miss, you’ll just end up with a larger or smaller bag. Everything else should scale.

  3. cindydyer says:

    Hi Katie!

    Thanks for the comment on my Cyclamens! I’ve been looking at your site and I just love the “boing” hat, too. I get what you mean “amuses you to no end.” It does me, too. I love to crochet hats (in the winter when there’s no gardening), but I do VERY simple ones and can’t follow a pattern to save my life! Take a look at these:

    What would you charge to make an ADULT sized boing hat? I think it’s just too cute! Wish I had the patience for following those complex sock patterns…your socks are just beautiful!

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