Brick, Blueberry Muffins, and Jamesey

Subhy and I watched Brick this evening. It’s a funny kind of a film. I found it very difficult to follow the dialog – I’m not sure if this was the accent that was particular to this film, or if I just didn’t know all of the slang. The acting was superb, and the whole thing was surreal with these serious, serious drug goings-on in a high school – people being alternately concerned about some bad crack and the vice-principal looking for them in class. Four stars, I think.

I made Blueberry Muffins from New Vegetarian by Celia Brown Brooks. I had some wild blueberries (yum!) arrive in my organic box, and they needed to be used quickly. The muffins are OK, but less than ideal, although I suspect it’s my fault. First, I converted all the measurements in the recipe (which are given as weights) to volumes, as Subhy’s taking his scale with him when he moves out – it’s actually already gone. I didn’t realize this until after I started (and a replacement has been ordered), but I know that what I ended up doing was less than exact. Secondly, I used full fat, thick, Greek yogurt, rather than the low-fat suggested in the recipe. I did this because the Greek yogurt was all I had on hand, and because I have an aversion to low-fat anything. In this case, the low-fat might have been important – the recipe needed more moisture, and it might have got this from a more watery yogurt. Instead, I had a dough rather than a batter (probably a combination of putting in too much dry ingredients when measuring by volume, and the lack of moisture in the yogurt). I threw in a little extra olive oil, but it really needed more than that. Because the mixture was kind of doughy, the blueberries didn’t fold in as nicely as they might have. The end result does taste OK, though – and the blueberries are delicious!

Progress continues on Jamesey. Now that I have the pattern for the sleeves straight in my head, it’s all systems go. I’m knitting both sleeves at once, which is a first for me. I have mixed feeling about the whole thing. I get that there’s less counting, you know that the sleeves match, and (most importantly) once they’re done, they’re done. Still, I find the tangle of the yarn a little trying. This is interesting because I don’t really have a problem with the tangling when I’m doing color work (I mean, the tangling still happens, but it doesn’t bother me). Maybe the the two-sleeves-at-once process will grow on me (like when I’m done with it!).


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