Scarf Style


I borrowed Scarf Style from the library mainly because I had seen Terhi’s beautiful version of Ene’s Scarf, and I wanted to see what else the book had to offer. Not all the patterns in this book are for me, but a lot of of them are great! I particularly like Here and There Cables (by Norah Gaughan, who I’m rapidly becoming a huge fan of), Forbes Forest, Interlocking Balloons, and Backyard Leaves. Interestingly enough, when you start looking for examples of these scarves on the internet, you quickly realize that most people make more than one scarf from this book – which is certainly in its favor. There’s also a section in the back on scarf design, which is nice, but nothing special, as well as a glossary of knitting techniques needed for the book, nicely illustrated for both English and Continental technique. Now I have to look out for Wrap Style – I’ve been admiring Brooklyn Tweed’s Shetland Triangle.


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