Since I’ve been in America I’ve put on weight. Not a lot of weight, especially when you look at it on a year-by-year basis, but I’m definitely bigger (heavier) than I used to be. By no standards am I even overweight (I was probably a little underweight when I first arrived in the US), but I would like to loose a little bit of weight, and I’ve been uncomfortable with my body for a while now. I’d been feeling resigned to looking slobby and less-than-fantastic until I can get rid of the extra weight.

That changed on a recent trip to California. I flew JetBlue (I’m pretty much a JetBlue convert, by the way) and ended up watching quite a few episodes of What Not To Wear during the flight. By the end of the flight, I had realized that I still could look fantastic. I still would like to loose some of my gained weight (and I’m working on that), but there’s no reason to feel less-than-good about my appearance today, especially when huge improvements can be made for very little time or effort.

A huge improvement has been a decision to buy a couple of belts and wear them. Obvious, right? Not to me! I’ve bought jeans with a larger waist band – to get them over my wider-than-before hips, and they sit low – too low. A belt really does make all the difference. Where did I buy my belts? From the Gap, and from fourteenfifty. Since I’ve bought them, I’ve been feeling much better about my appearance – much less sloppy, much more confident, even sexier – and I think other people have noticed, too.


2 thoughts on “Belts

  1. Hiya,

    It’s funny, I get inspired by that show sometimes, too. Those are nice belts you link to – interesting designs with fourteenfifty. (Now, I just need to look bad enough to get on the show…) Thanks for teaching me about blogs, by the way. I’m having fun with mine!!

  2. Katie says:

    I felt a little silly admitting that I’d been inspired by “What Not to Wear”, but I actually think it isn’t a bad show (I’m not sure I’d go so far to say it’s a good show). They don’t seem to be trying to change who anyone is – it just seems to be about putting your best foot forward. I can subscribe to that.

    I’m very happy to have taught you about blogs. I enjoy reading yours.

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