A Knitting Group

I have a knitting group! I’ve wanted one for quite a while, and have tried to join others, but it just hasn’t worked until now. The groups have met at times that were inconvenient for me, or have required that I pay to join, or I just haven’t “clicked” with other members of the group.

I solved most of these problems by starting a knitting group of my own. When I’m scheduling the meeting I can (have to) choose a time and place that’s convenient for me. We meet in a cafe on campus on Wednesday evenings. This is perfect for me! Even better is that I get free tea and coffeee in the cafe! I advertised the group as for both beginner and established knitters – and volunteered myself to teach knitting to anyone who wanted to learn.

We had pretty good turn out on the first evening – somewhere between five and ten people, I would guess. I taught the vast majority how to knit (I wasn’t sure how that would go, but it seemed like everyone had learned something by the end of the night). This meant I didn’t get a whole lot of my own knitting done (although there were a couple of occasions when I was just sitting next to someone, making sure they were doing things correctly, and then I could knit for myself at the same time), but that’s OK. I met interesting people, was in good company, and got to share something that I love with other people. I couldn’t ask for more.


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