One of my favorite comfort foods is Kheer. It’s warm, and it slips down easily. It also reminds me of the rice pudding my mother used to make when I was growing up. However, Kheer is a little bit time consuming. It’s not really labor intestive, but you need to be in the kitchen for the thirty minutes or so while it’s cooking, and you need to have enough milk on hand (I rarely do, because I’m not a big milk drinker, so I just buy a quart at a time). So, for me it takes some forward planning to make sure I have the ingredients and the time.

Last night I got my act together and made Kheer from the recipe Jo gave me years ago. It was so delicious! I was going to save some for later in the week, but I ended up eating it all.

While I was cooking I discovered that we have a mouse (mice?) problem. A very bold mouse scampered across the floor several times while the Kheer was simmering, and actually stopped and looked at me for a while. I guess I have to go out and buy some traps.


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