Head of the Charles

We had a beautiful weekend of autumn weather in Boston – perfect for watching the Head of the Charles rowing regatta, which was held over the weekend. The Head of the Charles is the world’s largest rowing regatta, and crews come from all over the world to compete. Races are held continuously over the weekend, and there’s a party by the river to help everyone celebrate.

Yesterday I went to Dima’s apartment for brunch and crew race watching. Dima and Dany’s apartment has a view of the Charles – we could see the warm-up area and the start line, and they had delicious food and mimosas to help us get into the mood. I met all sorts of interesting people and enjoyed the New English view.

This afternoon I met up with Lolo, Amy, Sabine, and Ryan, and we walked down to the river to watch some of the races. We ended up standing between the Weeks Footbridge and the Weld boathouse. This was actually a pretty nice place to be – not too crowded, so we had a good view, we were in earshot of the announcers, so we knew who we were watching, and we had an excellent view of potential collisions at the Weeks Footbridge (so difficult when you have to turn and navigate a bridge at the same time!).

Today was just perfect for being out and about – it was cool-ish, but not windy, and the trees’ fall colors are peaking. The air was crisp, and the sky was a beautiful blue. Enough to make me very glad to be in this corner of the world.


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