Caridgan for Grandma

My grandmother has put in a request for a hand-knitted cardigan. My grandma knitted clothes for me when when I was younger, so how can I refuse her now? (Especially when her arthritic hands make knitting too painful). Besides, she’s turning 90 in March. She deserves some indulgences.

The candidates at the moment:

Mist from Kim Hargreaves.

Charlotte from Kim Hargreaves

Sienna from Interweave Knits Fall 2006

Our main concerns are warmth, ease to wear (no tiny buttons to put through tight button holes), and versatility. I think this makes Sienna and Mist front runners, but I’ll have to see what Grandma thinks.


4 thoughts on “Caridgan for Grandma

  1. Katie says:

    Yes. The decision has been made. Mist in black. I think Grandma will get plenty of use out of it. Nice to know we’ve made the right decision, though. :-)

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