Sock clubs

So far as I know there are at least two sock clubs that are currently open for sign up: Socks that rock and the Petals collection (are there any others out there?). I really, really like the idea of a sock club: every couple of months yarn and pattern arrive at your door, and you’re completely surprised by what’s inside. There is lots to like about this:

  • It’s a gift to yourself
  • It’s a surprise
  • You get to knit more socks (something I aspire to)
  • You get to try out yarn you might not buy otherwise
  • I love getting mail
  • The yarns offered by both companies is delicious

What’s not to like? Well, in both cases the yarn is variegated, and at best, I have issues with variegated yarns. I think there are fewer patterns suited to variegated yarns than are not, I don’t like flashing and pooling, and I often thinks things look better on the skein than knitted up. What’s a girl to do? I’ve signed up and paid for the Petals Collection. This is just three installments. And, as some people have pointed out, I may just need to knit with variegated yarns more to work through my issues. I’ve also registered for (but haven’t paid for) The Socks that Rock club. I’m actually unclear that my registration has gone through – I haven’t received a confirmation email. If I love the Petals Collection (the first installment should arrive before I have to pay for Socks that Rock) and decide that I must have more spontaneous sock knitting in my life I’ll hold onto my registration and pay for The Socks that Rock club, too.


One thought on “Sock clubs

  1. i was in STR sock club this year. the yarn was beautiful but i wasn’t thrilled with the patterns. if i liked the patterns more then i would definitely think the price was worth the club. the petals collection looks more to my liking, but i’m slowing down on my yarn purchases. anyhoo, there are a couple of sock clubs out there, including redbirdknits (canada) and a luxury sock club (cashmere sock yarn out of england). i liked the variety and flexibility of rbk’s…they use yarns from different manufacturers and use a variety of techniques…but i was disappointed in the colors that were sent to me; she said that she could ‘try’ to send me my requested colors…i was getting behind on my sock knitting anyway so i stopped. lastly, i recently joined a local sock club…the organizer finds independent fiber artists to dye up different varieties of yarn exclusively for the club. it runs EOM and she does mail order…(i need to stop with the sock yarn, no?)

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