Good Food and Friends

I had an almost perfect Saturday. The weather was lovely – sunny and unseasonably warm – and after a late start to the day (it was a Saturday, after all), I headed out to do my food shopping for the week. I started at Christina’s Spices, where I picked up all sorts of interesting things: almond flour, orange blossom water (which I’d never seen before, its smell is reminiscent of jasmine), granola, tea… I then took a break next door at Christina’s ice-cream before going to Whole Foods where I picked up the rest of what I would need.

Back at home, I spent some time reading (The New Yorker and Europe Central) over a cup of tea before getting food ready for the evening.

Ben and Eduardo joined us for dinner. It’s been so long since I had people over for dinner, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. I really must do it more often (I used to do it almost weekly). Gili made fantastic red lentil and vegetable soup, and I made Whole Wheat Penne with Broccoli, Olives, and Pine Nuts, which we served with a salad of greens (I love the Earthbound Farms herb salad mix), pomegranate seeds, fennel, and pine nuts. Yum!

After dinner Ben, Eduardo, and I went to Juan’s house for a game night. I took along an Amman Semolina Cake I had made and Ben and Eduardo brought Ticket to Ride, which I’ve played once before, and really like. We ended up with too many people (Ticket to Ride has an upper limit of 5 people), so we paired up into teams. This turned out to be an excellent idea, and Ben and I were the only non-Spanish speakers (and Ben, at least, knows some Spanish), and a lot of the team consulting was going on in Spanish. It was nice to have Eduardo (my partner for the evening) on hand to translate the other team’s tactics! This apparently worked quite well, as we won the second game.


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