Socks that Rock

I’ve been wanting to make more socks for myself. I have one pair of socks that I knit myself over a year ago – Crusoe socks in a beautiful blue Koigu colorway. I really like wearing them with my Naot clogs, and they’re wonderfully warm in cooler weather.

There are plenty of people out there who just love Socks that Rock yarn, and I have to admit that the colorways are just stunning. I don’t think that there is any of their current colorways that I wouldn’t happily knit. However, I get nervous about issue of pooling and flashing. For me, this is always an issue for variagated yarns, but I feel like I’ve seen quite a few cases where Socks that Rock yarn has done this extensively. Still, a girl has to test these things out for herself:

This is my first ever skein of Socks that Rock yarn, in Farmhouse. I’m going to test out The Universal Sock pattern on knitty (has anyone else used this?) – I like the idea of having a simple sock pattern on hand that really works for my feet.


One thought on “Socks that Rock

  1. moraie says:

    Looks really pretty. If the flashing really bugs you, supposedly you can knit from both ends of the skein. I think you’d do a row of one end and then a row of the other.

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