I Get It

I’ve been knitting away with my Socks that Rock yarn, and I finally get why people are so enthusiastic about this yarn.

The colors are just so good (I tried and failed to capture this in a photograph). They’re beautifully rich and completely the right thing to have next to each other. I’ve had no pooling issues, and I love knitting this, mainly because I am completely transfixed by watching the colors come together (amazingly, this doesn’t seem to get old).

A few notes more for my benefit, than for anyone else’s (although if you want to make socks that will fit a size 6 foot with this yarn, feel free to use them).

  • Pattern: Universal Sock from knitty.com
  • Yarn: Socks that Rock in Farmhouse – lightweight
  • Needles: US 1(2.25mm)
  • Pattern notes: A=7.5; B=3; C=56; D=28; E=12

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