Melbourne Town

After over twenty hours of flying, I’m in Melbourne, where I’m visiting my brother, David. Getting from Boston to Melbourne wasn’t without incident, but it’s lovely to be here.

Strangely, the trip across the US was harder than the trip across the Pacific, despite taking less than half the time. We spent nearly half the flight moving through turbulence – not something that bothers me, but clearly something that bothered a couple of women around me, who spent the time looking into sick-bags.

If I can manage it (which I’m sure I can’t) I’ll never fly through LAX again. In the past, I’ve really resented their immigration and customs service, and this time I was reminded of the hellish security lines, and lack of food options in the terminal. I find it almost negligent that all airlines should refuse to feed you for free on domestic, and that compounding that is no food to be had in the terminal. I also managed to loose my I-20 form in LAX – I think at the Qantas check-in counter. Miraculously, the form was returned to me as I boarded the aircraft – I’ll never say a bad word about Qantas again.

Actually, not saying a bad word about Qantas will be easy – the service on the flight was excellent. The food was OK, the entertainment was good (movies on demand), the seats were comfortable enough that I was able to sleep for at least half of the flight.

It’s lovely to be in Melbourne. The weather’s pretty mild, and the 3rd Ashes test is on in Perth. It’s been a while since I was last in Melbourne (5 or 6 years?), and I’m looking forward to exploring some of it today. It’s also been really nice to spend some time with David. We went to a barbeque with the people he works with last night, which was really nice, although it did get a little chilly as the night wore on. I feel like my little brother has found something that he really enjoys doing, and that he’s very good at. It’s nice when good things happen to good people.


4 thoughts on “Melbourne Town

  1. Wow! Australia for Christmas is pretty cool :) I would do anything to have summer-like weather all over again… although I imagine Boston is much chillier than Ireland this time of year. Keep us posted on the state of Australian knitting! Hope you have a great time!

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