In Perth

I’ve been in Australia for a week now, and in Perth since Sunday afternoon.

Cottesloe Beach

David and I flew into Perth from Melbourne (David listening to the ABC broadcast of the 4th day of the 3rd Ashes test all the way) on Sunday afternoon, and Dad and Clare (our sister) picked us up from the airport and dropped us in Swanbourne. I’m staying at Mum’s house, in her newly set-up guest room, which is just lovely. As well as the room being perfect, I’m in walking distance of shops and public transport, and can catch glimpses of the ocean.

I’ve been quite lazy since I got back. I’ve been knitting and reading and sleeping and hanging out with Clare, which is really a lovely way to spend the day. My Christmas presents are almost all wrapped, although I still have some Anzac Biscuits to make. I’ve met my newest cousin, Spencer, who is a beautiful, beautiful baby, and I’ve caught up with all my grandparents. This afternoon I’m having afternoon tea with school friends.

Perth is a bit of a strange city at the moment. The economy is booming, thanks to a resources boom (mainly the sale of iron ore to China, but there are other things going on, too). I’ve heard it said the the economy is Perth is growing faster than the economy in China. I have no idea if this is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. However, despite all this money, there’s still a drought (and the associated water restrictions), and there’s a locust plague (although not nearly as bad as the plague of 1990). It’s clearly much better to be a miner than a farmer at the moment!

While I’m in Perth my plans are simple: enjoy the weather, visit the beach, and relax. Sounds like a pretty perfect holiday to me.

Photograph courtesey of Wikimedia Commons.


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