It’s become a tradition that during the week between Christmas and New Year, while I’m in Australia, my Dad, Rinske (dad’s girlfriend), Clare (my sister) and I go away, usually somewhere in the Australian south-west. For the past two years we’ve gone to Pemberton. Last year, we stayed in a chalet at Karri Valley Resort, which I can’t recommend highly enough. This year, we were too late with our reservations, and instead stayed down the road at the Karri Valley Hideaway Cottages, which are fine, but not nearly as nice as Karri Valley Resort.

Some highlights of our week away:

  • Fishing for (and catching) trout in the nearby pond. Rinske gave Dad a smoker for Christmas, so there was much smoking of trout.
    Rainbow Trout
  • Rinske’s delicious Christmas pudding, made with Dad’s currants and muscats.
  • Discovering Silkwood winery‘s new cafe on the lake. It’s a beautiful location, and we shared their large platter, which showcases lots of delicious local food.
  • The soft cider at the Mountford Winery.
  • The magnificent karri trees.

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