The Valet

Laurie gave me a pair of tickets to use at the Film Festival that is part of the Perth Festival. Last night was my last night in Perth, so they needed using urgently! Mum and I headed out to the Joondalup Pines to take in The Valet (in French “La Doublure“).

I was keen to see this as it’s directed by Francis Veber, the same person who directed The Dinner Game and The Closet, two films that I enjoyed immensely.

Is The Valet as good as The Dinner Game or The Closet? I don’t think so, but it is pretty good. Like all the other Veber films I’ve seen, it watches a lie spiral out of control, in the most hilarious way. The Valet is really not a bad film – it’s genuinely funny, it’s very sweet, it has some nice (but not overbearing) morals, and it’s French. There could be more to complain about!

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One of my big culinary finds while I’ve been in Perth has been the Casa Dairy Yoghurts. In particular, I’m a huge fan of their Greek style Passionfruit Dessert Yoghurt (it’s possible they have other stuff that’s just as good, but I haven’t tried all of it yet).

This yoghurt is so delicious it’s unbelievable – it’s rich and creamy, and there’s delicious passionfruit pulp on the top. I can’t say enough good things about it! Given how delicious it is, it’s also relatively low in fat and calories – an extra bonus when you’re going to eat it no matter how bad it is for you! I wish something like this were available in the US – I’ll keeps my eyes open.

While I was in Pemberton, I finished the Swallowtail Shawl.

This was just a joy to knit. The pattern is beautifully knitted, and it’s interesting enough that you don’t get bored. There were quite a few things that were new to me in this shawl. It was my first trianglular shawl, my first provisional cast-on, and my first attempt at nupps. Luckily all were relatively smooth. I will mention that it really doesn’t do to drop a stitch directly above a nupp. It’s not very easy to pick up and get going again!

I blocked the shawl on a grotty rug on the floor of the cabin we stayed in, and we all kept wandering by to admire the blocking transformation. I think this is easily the most impressive-looking thing I’ve knit.

I have gifted this to my grandmother Jessica. I don’t have any photos of her wearing it – I didn’t have my camera with me – but she seems to like it, and I think the color suits her well.

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