Back in Boston

I got back to Boston in the middle of the day on Wednesday. The flights back to Boston were pretty straight-forward, and without incident, but it’s a long way. I was exhausted by the time I got to my apartment. I flew Thai Airways for the first time: Perth-Bangkok and then Bangkok-New York. From New York I took a JetBlue flight to Boston. Thai Airways is fine for long-haul international, but they’re not the best. I’d probably give them a B+. They’re no Qantas.

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

I’ve hit the ground running since I’ve been back. I had knitting group on Wednesday night – almost a completely new set of people, which was nice – and I put in a pretty full day of work on Thursday. I tried to do the same yesterday, but crashed in a big way around 3 pm, and headed home to sleep. Thank goodness Monday’s a public holiday!


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