Lenten Rose Sock Yarn

Back in November I joined the Petals Collection sock club. I really like the idea of a sock club. I’ve been wanting to knit more socks and this forces me to do it every couple of months or so. The yarn is dyed by the amazing Sundara. I’ve been wanting to try some of Sundara’s yarn for the longest time (there are lots of people out there who are firm believers), but most of it goes very quickly – as soon as it’s posted. I’m not really organized to be there when it is first posted, so the sock club is ideal for me.

The December intallment, which was waiting for me when I returned from Australia, features yarn dyed with the Lenten Rose in mind. The result is a dusky semi-solid purple. Definitely not something I would have chosen for myself, but beautiful all the same. The pattern is very lacy, with a ribbon for a bow included (I think I’ll probably skip the bow). Over the weekend I cast on and completed the first five or so repeats of the lace – so far so good!

Things that are new to me in the pattern so far: using double thickness of yarn to cast on, and knitting two together, but then knitting a second stitch into those two before slipping off the left-hand needle.


One thought on “Lenten Rose Sock Yarn

  1. i think i will skip the bow too. by the way, i’ve almost finished the second one, and i hope they were knee high, they are beautiful, though.

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