The Week (or Fortnight) in Review

I’ve been using Camino as a web-browser for about a week now, and I’m a convert. I’ve tried a whole bunch of web-browsers, and this is definitely the best so far. I had been using Flock to blog and read feeds, but it is slow (seriously slow) and uses more memory than is reasonable. Frustratingly, despite it’s short-comings, it wasn’t updated particularly often. I’m all for supporting new/emerging software, but it has to work with me! I’d been using Safari for everything else, and it’s basically OK, but has a few little quirks that annoy me. Camino takes care of all those quirks, and it seems to be faster! Camino’s main short-fall is that it doesn’t allow for RSS subscription. This OK. I’ve set up an account with Google Reader, and things seem to be working OK. The added advantage is that my RSS subscriptions aren’t linked to a particular computer any more, which is to say that I won’t (necessarily) fall behind in reading when I’m on holiday. Flock did have a nice built in photo up-loader, but I’ve been using the Flickr Uploadr instead. No complaints.

I have a new sound-system. My old one (which had a 3 CD player) had come dangerously close to eating some CDs, and it wasn’t easy to open and retrieve them (in fact, I gave up, instead I tipped the player from side to side and pressed buttons frantically, and it eventually returned the CD to me). I was determined to have something reasonably cheap, and I’ve lost my enthusiasm for multiple CD changers. I wanted something that could play tapes, and I quite often borrow audiobooks on tape from the library, and it wasn’t it to look acceptable in my room (ie. I didn’t want it to look like it was pumped on testosterone). I’m pretty happy with what I have (and J&R electronics delivered remarkably quickly). My only complaint is that when I’m playing CDs at low volume (which is almost always the case: I like my housemates, and I’d like for them to like me) I can sometimes hear the disk spinning. This I can live with.

Last weekend I went shopping for some much-needed clothes. I occasionally have to look nice, and have been lacking a decent pair of winter slacks. (I have plenty of skirts, but don’t like to wear them to work, where they aren’t as practical). It turns out that there are plenty of sales on winter slacks at the moment, so as long as you can find your size, there’s some cheap stuff out there. I ended up buying a pair of Ann Taylor Loft slacks – petite sized, brown wool with a herring bone pattern. When Giovanni – a very stylish Italian I work with – commented that he liked the style, I knew I’d bought the right thing! I also picked up a cheap shirt at H&M.

I had lunch at Kendra and David’s place last weekend, along with Jason, and after we’d eaten we baked Anzac Biscuits. I’d bought the key/difficult ingredients with me: Golden Syrup, coconut, and rolled oats, and we baked them in no time. The biscuits went down surprisingly well. I ended up leaving the Golden Syrup with Kendra so that she could make more on her own!

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot to take my knitting to work on knitting group day. Rather than trying to find time to run home, I ducked out to the yarn store at lunch time and bought everything I needed to make socks. These socks will stay at work until they’re finished – so that I always have them on hand for knitting group – and I plan on always having a spare lot of sock yarn on hand at work so that I’m not caught short again! I’m using Kate Gilbert’s Generic Sock Pattern, and Claudia Hand-Painted Yarn in Just Plum, and everything looks great so far. The socks are top down, and I used Kate’s instructions for a picot edge, which looks great (I’d never made a picot edge before). I love the colorway, and the yarn itself feels pretty good, too. No pictures until the socks are done, though!


3 thoughts on “The Week (or Fortnight) in Review

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with Flock. One of our biggest goals for Flock 1.0 is to eliminate any speed/memory issues. I hope you’ll give us another try at that point. Let me know if you have any other feedback you’d like me to send on to the developers.

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

  2. Katie says:


    I feel like I really did give Flock a fair try. I used it for six months pretty solidly, and during that time saw no real improvement in things that mattered to me. I’m all for using and supporting emerging software, but, for me, the software has to continue to emerge.

    Things that matter to me: speed (particularly when I first boot Flock it’s incredibly slow as it goes through and updates all the reads), the left-hand-side feed reader is clunky, when Blogger changed things it took you guys FOREVER to fix the problem. Acutally, in general when there was an identified problem (someone would put it on the Flock Blog, eventually) it generally took way too long to solve. The lack of bookmark folders was also an issue (although that seems to be resolved). The speed/memory issues are huge. You guys have been talking about them ON YOUR BLOG for almost as long as I’ve been using Flock – so I was well aware of them. Six months+ seems a long time to wait for a fix for a known problem. Not all of us are running 1GB+ of RAM (not all of us can afford to, or generally need to otherwise).

    I also became very frustrated with the Flock Blog. I’m not a developer, and don’t have the time or inclination to become one, so I relied on the Flock Blog for news on new developments and features. It seemed like the majority of posts were requests for me to get the Flock word out there, Flock buttons to vote on, etc. I’m just not interested. There didn’t seem to be a way to only receive the news I wanted. A quick look at the Flock blog suggests that things might have improved, but I at this stage I’m unwilling to re-subscribe.

    I wanted to use Flock as an all-round web-brower, as well as a blogging client and feed reader. Towards the end I was only using it as a blogging client and feed reader. This just seemed silly.

    I really, really wanted Flock to work for me. It doesn’t. You guys don’t seem to be in a hurry to make it work for me. So I’ve switched. I won’t be back any time soon.

  3. Hey Katie,

    Thank you for your concise and candid feedback. It’s extremely helpful and I’ve personally reviewed it with the management team.

    Please know that we are currently focused on enhancing many aspects of Flock and releasing our upgrades on a more regular basis. We aspire to get you back as a Flock user in the near future. Thanks again!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

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