Converting .wmv files

Quick notes (mainly for myself, but feel free to use them) for converting .wmv (Windows Media Video) files to QuickTime movies on Windows xp.

  1. Software used: Any Video Converter, Quicktime Pro
  2. Open file in Any Video Converter, Output into iPod MPEG-4 Movie
  3. Open resulting MPEG-4 Movie file in Quicktime Pro, Export to Quicktime Movie

Useful sites for finding free Windows software:

This is actually the first time I’ve managed this conversion, although certainly not the first attempt (I’ve always been determined not to buy any software for the purpose – although I already own Quicktime Pro for other reasons). It feels worth celebrating, noting, and sharing!

Edited to add: despite all this, the aspect ratio changed when I did the conversion (I was so elated that it looked like it worked that I managed to overlook this small flaw). Windows media files really are the work of the devil.

Edited (again) to add: the aspect ratio change happened with Any Video Converter, and not Quicktime. I’m sure it resized for an iPod screen. I’m not sure if using one of the other outputs will help with this. I’ll look into it next time I have a .wmv file to convert.


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