Dinner Party

Last night Stéphanie and I hosted a dinner party together. I think we’ll do this again. The party itself was a success, with a nice mixture of people, and it was really nice not to have to do all the cooking. It was also really nice to have people (David came early and helped with the food preparation) with me in the kitchen while I cooked. I think I had the easier end of the deal: I took care of dessert and the appertizer, while Stéphanie organized the main course. Stéphanie made a delicious tomato and mushroom quiche, which she served with a simple side salad and potatoes, and I made Apple Crumble, using the usual recipe from my mother.

I ended up substituting the rolled oats in the crumble recipe with sliced almonds. I could also have used coconut as a recplacement, and I think it would have been equally good. Alan bought ice-cream with him, which is the perfect accompaniment for apple crumble, and we were lucky enough to have several bottles of excellent wine that went well with the meal. The appertizer was just cheese and crackers, but this seemed to be fine with everyone. A perfect dinner party, with a minimum of stress.


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