Signs of Spring

There aren’t many signs of spring outside (in fact, the weather has been unpleasantly cold recently), but inside there are signs of green, pushing up through the soil.

These are Bibb Lettuce seedlings. I really have no idea how the lettuce in the pot on the balcony thing is going to go, but I’m optimistic. These little plants germinated incredibly quickly – less than a week – so I must be doing something right! I’ve moved them into the kitchen where they sit by the window, soaking up some sun.

My paperwhite bulb has also been growing at an alarming rate.

It turns out that paperwhites are pretty much ideal for vase forcing. They really require no special treatment (I think they’re even less tempramental than hyacinths, if such a thing is possible). I’ve got more cherry tomatoes and thai basil seedlings than I know what to do with – I’ve had to find friends willing to adopt them! I’ve got a single Better Boy tomato plant, and all the Perfume Delight sweet pea seeds I’ve put in are up. Sweet peas are funny plants – they really do go straight up at an incredible rate for the first little bit – you can’t help wondering when they’re going to get around to putting out some leaves.

It hasn’t been all gardening here, though. There’s been time for some knitting, too.

I’ve finished Mist, the cardigan I was knitting for my grandmother – and in time for her 90th birthday! Sadly I didn’t have time to get to the post-office until late this week (her birthday is on Sunday) so it’s unlikely she’ll have it on time – still the weather is apparently quite warm in Perth at the moment, so it’s probably OK if it’s a few days late. This really was a lot of fun to knit, and the resulting cardigan is incredibly warm (I’ve tried it on) – I’ll definitely be ordering kits from Kim Hargreaves in the future.

I have a secret goal in life: I’d like to knit all of the Socks that Rock colorways.

This is light-weight Barney Rubble, and I’ll use it to make some of Kate Gilbert’s Generic Socks – just as soon as I finish my Claudia’s Handpainted socks (I’m over half way – the first sock is done, the second is on the way). I’m pretty much sold on Kate’s sock pattern. I’ve been making them with a picot edge (Kate describes how to do this in the pattern) and I like it a lot. I’m not sure if I really would prefer a short-row heel, but the heel flap is fine for now – and I think it does give some extra reinforcement, which probably isn’t a bad thing. While I was putting browsing Flickr, I stumbled across this amazing scarf, made from Medium Weight Socks that Rock yarn – it’s broadened my Socks that Rock ideas considerably.

I finished Magic For Beginners on Wednesday. This is a book I really wanted to love, but just didn’t. I mean, at the very least, it’s got a great title.

It’s a collection of short stories, most of which start off normally enough, but which move into the magical or supernatural at some point. Maybe it was a little too magical for me? (Or a little too science fiction? It’s often a fine line between the two). I didn’t hate this book – I just feel ambivalent about it. It never really pulled me in, and I wanted so much more from it.

I finally got around to seeing Casino Royale over the weekend. I’m not sure that it’s showing in cinemas any more but I caught at MIT’s LSC. I’m glad I did, as it’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Daniel Craig makes and excellent Bond, and the movie was everything you’d expect a Bond movie to be, although it was definitely on the long side. My one complaint: product placement. It would be nice if it were a little less obvious.


3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. craftlover says:

    This is my first time to hear the name Kim Hargreaves, I love her designs too – simple and elegant. You did a great job , and how sweet you are, because you knitted that cardigan for your grandma! :)
    I am happy for both of you!!

    I also love the sock yarn you’ve got, the color combination is just perfect!

    (thanks for leaving comments on my blog!)

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