Hot Air Ballooning


My  maternal grandmother, Gwynneth, is a pretty amazing person (actually, all my grandparents are pretty amazing, but I’m going to concentrate on Gwynneth ). She recently turned 90, and she:

  • still lives on her own, is incredibly health-concious (she eats very well, and walks every morning)
  • still has her own car, and drives herself around
  • is an incredibly savvy cribbage player
  • attends a weekly portait painting group
  • frequently writes letters of disgust to Australia’s prime minister
  • is an expert on identifying and cultivating Australian plants
  • is a fantastic mother to 5, grandmother to 11, and great-grandmother to 2.

Balloon Inflating

To celebrate 90 years on the earth, and to continue a tradition of embracing new things and experiences, she went hot-air ballooning. She took along two of her grand-children and one of her sons.

Aerial View

The images she sent me that were taken from the balloon are truly amazing. They remind me how much my country’s (and my grandmother’s adopted country’s) landscape is imprinted on my soul.


One thought on “Hot Air Ballooning

  1. Wow your grandmother is amazing! I hope I go hot air ballooning when I am 90!

    I have a great Uncle who just turned 90 and he is very health conscious as well. He hasn’t bought sugar or salt for over 31 years. It makes hard boiled eggs at his house a little bland, but it seems to have suited him well. His sister, my grandmother, is 92 and she walks almost every day!

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