Crew Finals

We had finals for crew on Wednesday. My crew did OK – we came in fourth (and very close to third) – but the Women’s B crew won. It was really nice to see the women have some success. If you want to see video of our race – it’s here – although I wouldn’t recommend it without a high-speed internet connection.

I generally sing to my crew on the way back from races, and at the end of training pieces. For the past couple of years, we’ve been singing Waltzing Matilda (they join in for the chorus, and I do a bit of translation so that everyone knows what they’re singing). Waltzing Matilda is really only one of two songs I know all the lyrics to (the other being Advance Australia Fair), and I’ve been thinking I should increase my repetoire. If I work on it, I could probably have lyrics to The Distance memorized by next year’s season. The hidden benefit of this choice is no need for tunefulness from me (a definite bonus for everyone involved!).

With crew season over, Zeba and I presented ourselves at the boathouse yesterday morning, ready to learn how to scull. Today I’m quite sore – all over – and the only thing I really managed on my first attempt was a successful landing. Still, when things came together, and I managed a few strokes in a row, the sense of gliding across the water was magical.


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