First Harvest

I’ve had my first harvest from my balcony garden: radishes! Specifically, they were Easter Egg II radishes, and they were delicious! I ate them sliced thinly in a green salad, and they were just perfect: crisp, with a nice firey edge to them. Everything a radish should be. I immediately put some more seeds in! There are other signs of progress in my container garden. Lots of the herbs are close to being ready for harvest: parsley, dill, cilantro, thyme, and chervil. Lots of others are green and growing. There are also signs of flowers, although none of them have actually opened yet (perhaps tomorrow?): black cherry tomatoes, Morning Glory, and Sweet Peas all look very close to actually flowering. I’m particularly excited about the black cherry tomatoes. They’re an heirloom that I scored in a swap with one of my labmates, and I’m sure they’re going to be very tasty!


One thought on “First Harvest

  1. You make me wish I’d had a try at doing some salady stuff!Maybe next year.

    I have some sweet peas in a pot just by my patio doors, but they’re miles off doing anything yet. Actually, you’ve just reminded me I have two lots of sweet peas. The other lot is by my fence. I’ve just come inside after watering/feeding a lot of plants, and I’ve forgotten about them, so thanks for your unintended reminder!

    *dashes back outside to get watering can*

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