Photos from the Lake District

Now that I’m back in Boston, I’ve finally got around to downloading my photos from my time in England.

Little Langdale Panorama

I’m really not good about taking photos – I just sort of forget to do it, but I do have quite a few from Dad and my time from the Lake District. I even worked out/remembered how to stitch together photos to make a panorama in PhotoShop.

Photos from the Lake District

We really had a great time in the Lake District. It helped that we were blessed with great weather, but I think we would have had a good time regardless. It was really nice just to be with each other, which mainly happened as we were walking through the countryside. When you don’t see so much of your family, the time that you do have with them becomes very important.

From our time in the Lake District, I’ll particularly remember:

  • Herdwick sheep, and our associated conversations about the apparent challenges of farming them.
  • The slate dry stone walls, which were used as fences throughout the area.
  • The connection Dad made with the countryside, and particularly the farm land.
  • Delicious strawberry and black pepper crême brulée at the Three Shires Inn.
  • Our drive out of the Lake District, through Hardknott and Wrynose passes.
  • The crisp, clear water flowing in the streams.

2 thoughts on “Photos from the Lake District

  1. What a wonderful trip – and to be able to spend time with your dad. Those will be precious memories. I like your picture grouping – photo shop would be over my head, though. :-)

  2. Well, regardless of what you say, I think you’ve taken some lovely photos.

    You picked a good time to come because it’s been really, really rainy this last week all over the UK. Bad floods in some places.

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