Megan Jaegerman

Via Arts & Letters Daily, I came across a post about Megan Jaegerman on Edward Tufte’s website. From Tufte:

Megan Jaegerman produced some of the best news graphics ever while working at The New York Times from 1990 to 1998. Her work is smart, finely detailed, elegant, witty, inventive, informative. A fierce researcher and reporter, she writes gracefully and precisely. Megan has the soul of a news reporter, who happens to use graphs, tables, and illustrations–as well as words–to explain the news. Her best work is the best work in news graphics.

I’ve fallen in love with Jaegerman’s graphics (which follow in the Tufte article).

“Mowing the Lawn Infographic” by Megan Jagerman

They’re beautiful in their simplicity, clean lines, and distillation of the facts. I particularly like the small pieces of humor you occasionally find in them.


2 thoughts on “Megan Jaegerman

  1. Oooh – that’s topical for me since I was rudely woken by a tractor mower this morning. It was a man from the council coming to mow the bits of ‘communal’ green stuff and I think he was deliberately trying to wake us all up by driving it round the entire estate 4 times before actually doing anything. Every two minutes there would be ‘chugga-chugga-chugga’ outside the house.

    It was only just after 7am as well. I’m all disgruntled now. ;)

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