Not Oregano

Way back in February or March, I planted seeds in yogurt containers, and put them on my window sill to germinate. I labeled everything very carefully (plant, variety, date planted), and waited. Among these seeds were snapdragons and oregano. They were sitting right next to each other on the ledge.


There were plenty of snapdragon seedlings, but just a few oregano seedlings. No problems. I put them all out in my garden on my balcony, and the snapdragons flowered – they looked lovely. But. I’d been watching the oregano plants with some suspicions. They just didn’t look like any oregano I’d ever seen. The leaf shape was all wrong, and when I crumpled it in my fingers, it just didn’t smell like something I wanted to eat. When the “oregano” formed buds, and flowered, all my suspicions were confirmed.

Not Oregano

That’s right, my oregano plants look just like snapdragons! My best guess it that when I put my snapdragon seeds in, some of them spilled into the container that was holding my oregano seeds. None of my oregano seeds germinated (too colds?) but I few of the snapdragons in the pot did. Lucky I like snapdragons, really.


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