Flowers Everywhere

I ordered a pink Cali Poppy tote bag from Jill Bliss‘s online store, Blissen. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge Jill Bliss fan, and when I saw this bag on her web site I was delighted. I would have preferred the yellow version (love the green on the back, in particular), but clearly other people had the same idea – it was all sold out. The bag arrived today, and it’s just perfect. It has nice long handles, pockets on the inside, and it is just the right size to carry stuff in. My only concern is that the fabric seems a little flimsy – I’m not sure how it will hold up to heavy use. Luckily, I don’t plan to use it all the time (my everyday bag is a seriously sturdy effort from overland equipment) so I think it should be OK.

Have I mentioned that I have a new computer? It actually isn’t that new anymore – I bought it back in May, I think. My old Titanium PowerBook G4 finally bit the dust – it refused to turn on – and after four and a half years of reasonably reliable service, it seemed like it was time for an upgrade. I ended up getting a MacBook. It’s black, and I’ve filled it with as much RAM as it will hold, and I didn’t quite buy the largest hard drive available, but I did buy the hard drive with the most space that also had the highest speed (does that make sense? I have a suspicion that it doesn’t). In any case, I love my new computer. It’s a huge improvement on the old one in so many ways – so much faster, the screen doesn’t have a strange bright spot in the middle of it, and it’s more compact and consequently easier to carry around. An added bonus is that it comes with a camera installed at the top of the screen and Photo Booth – which I used to take the photo of me with the tote bag. I actually didn’t think I’d use Photo Booth (or the camera) very often, but it’s actually turned out to be pretty handy.

Today I ate my first tomato from my garden. It was a black cherry tomato – an heirloom variety that I gained in a plant swap with one of my lab mates (for those interested, one heirloom black cherry tomato = one thai basil + one jalapeno). There was no time to document the event. The tomato came straight off the plant and into my mouth. It may have been marginally under-ripe, but it was delicious. I spent a bit of time working in my “garden” over the weekend. Some of my herbs and vegetables had gone to seed, so I pulled them out.

Then, I took Renee’s advice, and put some seeds in. Some replacements for things that had gone to seed, some more flowers, and some late sowings of pumpkins and the like. I’m not sure I have time for things to mature before the growing season ends, but I’m happy to try. Renee says

…many, if not most, summer producers will grow even more quickly from seed planted in early summer when the soil is well warmed up and teeming with life. You’ll be surprised how fast seeds will come up and explode with growth.

She wasn’t joking. The marigold seeds I put in on Sunday were already beginning to poke through the soil today! The vegetables that had gone to seed weren’t the only flowers I had in my garden. There’s also sweet peas, snap dragons, four o’clocks, and nasturitiums (which I’ve been putting in salads), in additions to the morning glories and black-eyed susans that have been flowering for some time now. I really like going out in the morning and the evening to see what is new on my deck.


5 thoughts on “Flowers Everywhere

  1. That tote is darling! I checked out their site – sold out! I’ll keep checking there – neat site.

    Congrats on your ‘newish’ computer. I did not even know that there was such a thing as a camera on them. I am so not high tech.

    Your flowers are beautiful. And I can’t wait for my first tomato! I still just have green babies here.

  2. Hey Jackie – nice to see you here as well!

    I like that bag too since I’ve got a thing about poppies lately. :) I’ve LOADS of poppies in my garden at the moment. I had a pink one appear today. They’re all completely self-seeded.

    I am also waiting for my green babies to become fully grown tomatoes. My plants are going like the clappers, but I think we may be suffering from a bad case of ‘not enough sunshine’. It’s soooooo rainy here this year it’s untrue. (Bad year to try and create a garden!) More floods here on the news today. I can’t believe there is any more rain left in the sky. It’s quite alarming. And my friends in California are crying out for clouds!!

    On the upside, I’m starting to get a couple of new sweet pea flowers a day. Your pinky ones are lovely.

  3. Thanks Jackie, Thanks Nezza. I wish I could grow poppies on my balcony – they don’t do so well in pots though, as they have very long roots. I guess I’ll just have to try and see them in wild when I’m in California in a month or so…

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