Goings On in the Garden

There are lots of tomatoes waiting to ripen in my balcony garden!

From left to right, there are Super Bush Tomatoes (can I just mention how pleased I am with the "bulginess" of these tomatoes?), Crimson Carmello Tomatoes (or at least I thought they were, but their shape is all wrong. Is it possible that they’ll "round out" as they mature?), and Black Cherry Tomatoes. Of course, not all is well. About a week ago, I noticed this on the largest of the two Super Bush Tomatoes:

A little internet searching suggests that it’s most likely Blossom End Rot. It turns out that it’s most likely due to a lack of calcium in the soil and wide fluctuations in soil moisture (this is where I have to admit with being less-than-diligent about watering sufficiently every morning). Jonathan has pointed out that I could just solve this by giving the plants milk, but I think I’ll probably try to be more diligent with my watering (at least of the tomatoes, and peppers, which can also be affected), and perhaps buy some lime.

Don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, though. There are beginnings of (Bush Slicer) cucumbers:

And Satin Boudoir Pansies:

For reasons not entirely clear to me now, I was sort of ambivalent about planting pansies this year. I won’t make the same mistake next year! They seem to be very hardy, are easy to grow, and look beautiful. I think I was sort of put off by the name, too (Satin Boudoir??), which is completely irrational. All the seeds I planted last week are up, and some are looking quite large. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about planting seeds in the warmer weather: Do it. They’ll grow quickly. The germination process is much easier (and faster). And you can plant them into the container you intend to grow them in, so there’s no need to mess about with transplanting.


4 thoughts on “Goings On in the Garden

  1. Your garden and pansies are looking great! Some tomatoes look like they are changing color already. I sometimes have problems with end rot on the tomatoes, too, and I use lime. Fixes it right up. In our zone, pansies come back every year so are one of my favorites.

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