Not Tea

This summer, I’ve become a fan of the passionfruit smoothies (with boba!) from the Boston Tea Stop (you’d have to be a local, or to have visited Boston, to realize just what a bad pun the shop’s name is). I’ve tried, and failed, to get on board with iced tea (at least it’s American incarnation), but I love the black tapioca pearls in bubble tea, so a smoothie is a good compromise. That they make one with passionfruit flavor (I’m certain they don’t have the real thing on hand) is a bonus – I love passionfruit, and, so far as I can tell, it’s impossible to get in the north-east of the United States (I can’t remember seeing it in California either, where it should grow reasonably well). A passionfruit flavored smoothie is a poor second prize, but it’s better than nothing.

Since Zeba got back from summer school, I’ve started rowing again (I really need to have someone meet me at the boatshed if there’s going to be any chance of me having sufficient motivation to actually row). We both really want to be allowed to go out in the real boats, not least because it means we can go out early in the morning (ie. before 10 am) – it’s just too hot and too much of a distraction later in the day. In any case, we’ve been determined to graduate from the Wherry, a wide, untippable boat for beginners to the Dolphins, a comp (short for “compromise”) that’s lighter, longer, and narrower. And much easier to tip. Once we’ve mastered the Dolphin we’re allowed to take out the lightweight singles, and from there it’s just a matter of mastery before we can go out at the busier times of day. Needless to say, it didn’t take me very long to fall into the river. In fact, I was less than an oar’s-length away from the dock (having done a spectacularly bad job of pushing off). I might have yelled “Fuck!” as I went under. The good news is that it was a hot day. Being in the river wasn’t such a bad thing, although I’m sure there are healthier rivers to swim in. Still, there are advantages to falling in the river right near the dock. At the very least, it’s much easier to get back in the boat! And, after my inital dip, I managed to keep myself in the boat for the next half hour without incident (the secret is to row slowly and carefully with relatively low pressure). I’ll be back tomorrow morning for more.

Edited to add: Four years ago, when I started coxing eights, I had to take a not-very-difficult swim test. Today was the first time it even vaguely occurred to me that it was a good thing to have taken and passed. Although, I really was very close to the dock when I tumbled into the water. I probably would have been fine if I couldn’t swim.


2 thoughts on “Not Tea

  1. Is TeaLuxe still around? I used to love that place when I lived in Boston. They had earl grey tea w/ little blue flowers in it that was just divine… Sigh.

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