Dinner with Gemma

Gemma is in Boston for a couple of nights for a Women in Chemistry conference/workshop, and this evening we met at her hotel in the Financial District (I always find the financial district a bit creepy on the weekend) along with her friend Diana (also Australian). We wandered down to the harbor and through the North End, before walking across the Common and through the Public Gardens to Kashmir on Newbury Street. Diana and I let Gemma order for all of us, and what a good decision this was! She chose incredibly delicious things (including something with okra) that I never would have ordered for myself. As always, it was great to see her, and I’ll see her again in a couple of weeks, when I’m in Chicago.

I’ve been looking and the Vogue Knitting web page, and wondering if I should by the 25th Anniversary edition. I swore off Vogue Knitting a little while ago, but the current issue looks OK. If nothing else, some of the free patterns being offered on their web page look very interesting. I particularly like Karat from Skacel. I’m not really sure I’d ever wear it – it might be very scratchy, and you’d definitely need to be careful with your color selection – but I’m sure it would be a ton of fun to knit.

Image from Vogue Knitting

I was also glad to recieve an email notifying me of Kim Hargreaves new collection. I was a little worried that the relative tardiness of her Autumn collection meant there wasn’t going to be one at all. Kim Hargreaves really is a master of fit and of texture with simple stitches. Evie, my favorite design from her Autumn collection, is a perfect example.

Image from Kim Hargreaves


2 thoughts on “Dinner with Gemma

  1. I had no idea Vogue had a knitting section…
    I do like that blue cardy though.
    Perhaps you’re tired because you’re always doing stuff! Knitting, balcony gardening, rowing, galavanting around the US, oh and occasionally working. :)

  2. katie – thanks for your nice comment.
    Glad you enjoyed Kashmir. Its one of my favorite places in town. If you get a chance they offer a lunch buffet for less than 10 bucks! Oyyy! And you can try all the different foods! Yumm! Their breads are really good.
    Enjoy the knitting!

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