I worked late (for me) last night, and today found myself alternating between sleeping, reading The New Yorker, and listening to The Lay of the Land while working on a cardigan for my newest cousin, who will be arriving early in the new year (more on this later). We’re well and truly out of summer and into autumn in Boston, and much of today was rainy, so this wasn’t an entirely terrible way to spend a day.

This evening, I made a bag of microwave popcorn, hooked up my computer to the TV, and watched Idlewild (which I picked up from the library on my way to work yesterday). While the plot was nothing special, and full of clichés, I really enjoyed this movie; more for its singing and dancing than for anything else. It was fun, and an ideal way to end a lazy Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Idlewild

  1. You seem to have an endless supply of babies to knit for – be they cousins or otherwise!

    I fear it is just starting to be Autumn here as well. Our evenings are definitely drawing in depressingly quickly, and I’m not looking forward to our clocks changing to ‘winter time’ one tiny little bit…. BTW – are you allowed to call it Autumn where you are?!

  2. I think I’m not, strictly speaking, allowed to call it “Autumn”, but people seem to know what I’m talking about, so I tend to use it, although I’ll talk about “fall foliage”.

    Re: babies, you have no idea. I think everyone I know is pro-creating.

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