Favorite Socks

I checked out Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave from the library recently. I have to tell you, the book’s a winner. I don’t want to knit everything in the book, but there are probably only five patterns that I’m really not excited about. I may even have to buy it for myself! In any case, I found myself in Windsor Button on Saturday, mainly with the idea of buying buttons, but open to the idea of buying some sock yarn, should some be particularly compelling. In any case, I did come across some suitable sock yarn, and a brand that I’ve never used before, as an added bonus.

The yarn that I bought was a grass green sock yarn: Jawoll from Lang Yarns.

I’m going to use it to make the Retro Rib Socks (incidentally the first pattern in the book).

I think the socks will look very nice, and will possibly be a Christmas present for Mum. We’ll see how my progress goes.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Socks

  1. You’re kind of like a kid in a candy store aren’t you?!
    Knitting remains a mystery to me. I remember ‘knitting’ a scarf for a doll when I was in the Brownies and it ended up twice as wide as it started….

    I love the colour of the ones on the cover.

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