Not a Negative Calorie Day

Today was most definitely not a negative calorie day. After a late night watching the baseball play-offs (the Red Sox are not an easy to support) I dragged myself out of bed, ate a bowl of cereal, and promptly fell back into bed.

A few hours later, I roused myself for brunch with Kendra and David and the Neighborhood Restaurant (which, surprisingly, they’d never been to before. I have it firmly in my head that everyone knows about the Neighborhood Restaurant, which isn’t hard to believe when you find yourself waiting in line). The Neighborhood Restaurant is a Portuguese/Brazilian restaurant in Union Square. It’s not particularly fancy, but it’s good food, and for a mere $10 you can eat yourself silly. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to eat yourself silly. Aside from what you order (which often comes with sides of its own) everything comes with unlimited tea or coffee, home fries, orange juice, cream of wheat or fruit (I always go with the cream of wheat, which, so far as I can tell, is semolina porridge – Wikipedia indicates I’m right), toast, and sweet desserts. I ordered crepes filled with a sweet cream cheese and berries, which came with two eggs, and by the time I was done (and I didn’t manage to eat everything, but David cleaned up after me) I didn’t want to think about food. At all.

I headed home to digest and recover before heading to Zeba’s house to make apple pie. Zeba went apple picking yesterday, and she has a lot of apples to get through. We made two pies (I mainly peeled and sliced; Zeba did some of this, too, but she also took care of the crust), and barely made a dent in Zeba’s apples. I had biked to Zeba’s house, so I did some careful work with plastic bags to try and secure my pie, but it didn’t have an entirely uneventful trip home. Still, it was largely intact when I got home, and all the main components are still there. I ate pie for dinner tonight. Aside from not being negative calorie, it also hasn’t been a particularly nutritious food day.


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