Napoleon Dynamite

Christina organized a screening of Napoleon Dynamite this evening, and I went along. I’d never seen Napoleon Dynamite before – mainly because I was pretty sure I didn’t want to see it – but felt that I was out of the loop (it seems like everyone I know – admittedly a bunch of nerds – has seen it). I spent a childhood being out of the loop with TV and movies, it’s not necessarily something that I want to continue into my adulthood!

To my surprise, I really enjoyed it – something about the triumph of the unpopular, I think. I mean, these are my people (it’s not a co-incidence that I received an email today regarding a casting call for Beauty and the Geek. And they weren’t looking for Beauties. If I’m being honest, they weren’t looking for women at all.)


2 thoughts on “Napoleon Dynamite

  1. I was always about 100 miles away from the loop growing up and still more or less retain the ability to damage street cred at 3 million paces. :)

    I haven’t seen Napolean Dynamite either. I wonder if you’d like Little Miss Sunshine. She’s a bit of a misfit as well. I saw it at the cinema last year and I laughed so hard I cried. I think it’s a great little film, and I had to get it on DVD as soon as it came out.

  2. Oh, I loved Little Miss Sunshine! It is a far better film than Napoleon Dynamite (although I guess Napoleon Dynamite is the teenage equivalent). What I really liked about Little Miss Sunshine, is that they are all misfits.

    And I’ve just realized, I sort of reviewed it.

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