Lenten Rose Gift

Rinske’s birthday was last week, and a couple of weeks ago, I finished the Lenten Rose Socks and mailed them off to her. They didn’t get there in time (I called on her birthday), but I don’t think they would have been too late.

Before I wrapped and packaged them up I tried them on and took some photos (late at night, because that’s when I finished them. Excuse the flash).

I’m so glad I ripped out my first attempt and went up to size 2 needles. The socks fitted perfectly (with a bit of breathing room – I think Rinske’s feet are probably a bit bigger than mine). I really enjoyed the pattern – both knitting it, and the end effect, although I was less than enamored with the sock yarn (Lenten Rose Sundara sock yarn as part of the Petals Collection sock club) – it just seemed poorly dyed to me, with the color looking quite dull and patches of the yarn missing dye altogether. Perhaps this was the way it was supposed to be?


2 thoughts on “Lenten Rose Gift

  1. Thank you, Marianne.

    It’s a little bit sad, really. Rinske is (or rather was) my Dad’s girlfriend/partner/de facto wife. I learned this morning that they have just separated after ~12 years together.

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