Greetings from Red Sox Nation

So it turns out it was a good thing I made it home in time to watch the end of the fourth game of the World Series. The Boston Red Sox are the 2007 World Series Champions!! It’s not entirely clear to me how I came to be a fan of the Red Sox, but I really do feel genuine fondness for the team. As a sport to watch, I like baseball very much. I became quite familiar with it in 1997 (10 years ago!) when I spent a year of high school exhange in Naples, NY (side note: I was amazed at how familiar the map was when I looked it up – I know exactly where the school was, and the street names bought back a flood of memories. I’d forgotten just how small Naples is, though). My host father was a huge baseball fan, and there wasn’t much else to do in Naples. By the end of the year I was extremely familiar with the game. I don’t think I watched any baseball when I lived in California (despite having a housemate who was a walking encyclopedia when it came to baseball statistics). However, as soon as I moved to Boston I became re-aquainted with the game. When my father came to visit me in my first year in Boston, I got tickets for a game at Fenway Park, and we enjoyed a perfect April Saturday afternoon in the bleachers. I was hooked: Fenway is an amazing ball park, full of feeling and history, and Boston is full of enthusiastic Sox fans. If there was any doubt in my devotion, it was removed with the Boston’s 2004 American League Championship and subsequent World Series Championship. Boston’s comeback in the American League Championship series, against archrivals, the New York Yankees, was truly amazing – one of those great "moments" (in this case 2 games, in particular) in sport. That they’d lost to the Yankees (in very disappointing circumstances) in the 2003 ALCS made the victory even sweeter. Watching them go onto with the World Series, and "Reverse the Curse", and being in Boston when it happened was magical (although the World Series was decidedly anticlimactic when compared to the ALCS). I suspect it has made me a member of Red Sox Nation for life.

Edited to add: it looks like I’m not the only person who has been recruited to Red Sox Nation (plus, some great photos).


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