Buying (and Transporting) Pumpkins

Last weekend I organized a halloween party for graduate students with children. Part of the preparation involved buying large numbers of small pumpkins for small children to decorate. This was more difficult than you might think: it seemed like there was a city-wide shortage of small, orange pumpkins, just as I needed them! In the end, I went through stacks of sugar pumpkins (good for pies, I believe) looking for small ones. Once bought, I piled them into my bicycle basket and headed into work. Much better than messing around with carrying bags. I suppose if I’d been really organized, I would have thought to take my panniers with me, but the basket managed the job perfectly well. Needless to say, the day after the halloween party, I went grocery shopping, and there, right at the entrance to the supermarket, was a huge crate of small, orange pumpkins, at a most reasonable price. If only they’d been there earlier in the week!


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