Reading Exiting Nirvana

I’ve been reading Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter’s Life with Autism. It’s a mother’s account of her autistic daughter’s emergence from autistic isolation into a more socially engaged existence. It turns out it’s a sequel (I haven’t read the first book): it follows an account of her daughter’s first 8 years, chronicled in a book called The Siege. In any case, I’ll definitely look out for The Siege as Exiting Nirvana is excellent. It’s written with such compassion, understanding, and intelligence, with insight into her daughter’s autism, and the struggle that it has been for everyone involved to help Jessy (her daughter) lead a more interactive life: learning to communicate and interact, and to reduce the distress she experiences in her interaction with people and the world.


2 thoughts on “Reading Exiting Nirvana

  1. I remember reading a book called “For the love of Ann” when I was at school, and it was a similar sort of thing. However, I seem to remember this particular family resorted to slapping their daughter as a way of “getting through to her”. Not sure how that would be recieved these days, but it was a fascinating story, and they did ‘get through’ to her.

    Have you ever read “The curious incident of the dog in the nightime”?

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