Making Socks

I’ve been knitting Diagonal Cross-Ribbed Socks from Favorite Socks, using Patons Patonyle. I’ve never used it before, but have used Patons yarns in the past – long ago in my knitting infancy (when I still lived in Australia). I really like it – it has a bit of a tendency to split, but is super-soft, and has excellent stitch definition. I’m a bit worried it will pill, though.

I’ve finished the first, and the secon is underway. These socks are a thank you present for a kind (male) friend – they’re a bit big on my small feet. I have to say that I love this pattern – aside from being well-written, it’s reasonably simple to execute, and the end result is beautiful.

An aside: I recently painted my toenails for the first time in my adult life (the inspiration was the purchase of a fantastic dress and co-ordinating open-toed shoes). I’m continually surprised by how much better red toenails make my feet look, even when the polish is poorly applied and/or chipped (which is pretty much always the case).


7 thoughts on “Making Socks

  1. Speaking as a non-knitter, that sock looks very complicated to do, but you’ve done a great job.

    (I’m completely ungirly and can never be bothered to do anything with my toenails. Well…very rarely anyway.)

    (Repeating myself from Flickr…!)

  2. My yarn shop lady assures me you cannot go wrong with Ann Budd’s patterns. I knit my husband’s vest from one. And I have committed to embarking on my first socks from one of her basic patterns, using Regia self-striping wool. Your diagonals are an encouraging display of possibility!

  3. shaili says:

    these are nice!! i had my eye on this pattern as well since it has the effect of a cable without having to use a cable needle. hopefully i can see your finished product in person! :)

  4. nezza: The socks are actually much simpler than they look – I like it when this happens. :-) And I’m not really one to do anything to my toenails either – I actually had to go out and buy polish for the occasion (and nail polish remover) as I didn’t have any of my own.

    Lauren: I’ve knitted two Ann Budd sock patterns, and they’ve both been excellent – clearly written, and great looking socks.

    shaili: I’d definitely recommend them. The absence of a cable needle makes things go very quickly.

    Janet: Thanks! I’d definitely recommend the book. This is the second pattern I’ve used from it, and there are plenty more I’d like to try.

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