Enjoying the Australian Tennis Season

I really love to watch sport. Given that I’m terribly unco-ordinated and really don’t enjoy actively participating in sport, I always find this a bit surprising. The sports I enjoy watching most are those that I’ve followed for the longest – Australian football, tennis, and cricket – but I’ll really watch anything. I’ve become quite enthusiastic about baseball, and would happily take two weeks off to watch the Olympics. One of the unexpectedly nice things about my current trip to Australia is that I’m here right in the middle of the Australian summer sport season: Australia is currently hosting a test cricket series against India and the Australian Open tennis tournament. I warmed up for the Australian Open by going to the Hopman Cup one evening with my mother, Laurie and Clare.

We were a little bit limited in the days and times when we all could go, so we ended up at an evening match: Argentina vs. Chinese Taipei. I was sure that we’d be in for some really boring tennis; I expected Argentina to take care of Chinese Taipei without too many problems. Instead, we watched two hard-fought matches, and Chinese Taipei prevailed in both!

Today, the Australian Open started. One could easily spend the whole day watching tennis (with a short break for the news and children’s programs in the afternoon) but I restrained myself and waited until this evening to turn the television on. I watched Alicia Molik move through to the second round of the tournament, but couldn’t make it through Rafael Nadal‘s opening match, which turned out to be surprisingly hard-fought (at least for the first two sets).

I’m looking forward to catching some more of the Australian Open tomorrow – although by then there will be a cricket test match competing for my attention!


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