in Malaysia

I’m on my way back to Boston, and my journey takes me through Kuala Lumpur, where I have a longish layover (more than 6 hours). To deal with this, I’ve booked myself into the airport hotel, which turns out to be reasonably nice and reasonably priced. In fact, KL has a pretty nice airport – after the disaster that is the new Bangkok airport I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been away for too long (almost a month) and I’m looking forward to being home and sinking my teeth into work. My time in Perth was great – lots of time with family (the main reason I go back), and I think I’m made in-roads into learning how to return on a more permanent basis (and continue to be a scientist!!) – but there’s no question that my work has been neglected. And while I really haven’t missed Boston’s winter weather, I have missed my friends and work colleagues, so it will good to be back.


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