Knitting a Vest

The most recent pair of socks are done (is done?) (still to be gifted, so we can’t say much more than that). The next thing I’d like to knit is something for Zoe and Jeff’s next baby (due in April), and I’ve been itching to try something from Hanne Falkenberg, so I ordered a kit for Mikado, a sweater and hat set (curiously, cheaper, almost by a factor of 2, when ordered from the UK). However, the kit is going to take a while to arrive, so took a look at all the half-finished knitting projects I have lying around (an embarrassingly large number. I’d rather not say how large).

One of the first things I stumbled upon was Electra, a vest from Rowan Magazine 38 that I started some time ago (again, embarrasingly, I don’t exactly know how long ago. Over a year, at least. Probably closer to two).

The vest is knit in a relatively simple fairisle pattern (only two colors occasionally) on big needles, so it flies along. I’d fogotten how much I love the shades of purple in this piece. The vest is for me – I’m not actually sure if I’m a vest wearer, but I guess I’ll find out when I finish this!


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