Always planning

Recently, my "free" gift from Rowan arrived:

Four balls of All Season’s Cotton (in Ravish, aka baby blue) and a pattern for a waistcoat or shawl. I’m not sure I want to knit either of the suggested patterns. I certainly wouldn’t wear either of them, although my mother with wear the waistcoat. Alternatively, I could use the yarn to make some kind of baby gift: Trellis might be fun (all those cables!), the pattern is free, and it would use up all the yarn…


3 thoughts on “Always planning

  1. Is this the stuff all the way from the UK?

    Do people look blankly at you over there when you say ‘waistcoat’? Does vest mean the same in Australia as it does in the UK?! We all speak the same language yet it’s completely different all at the same time.

  2. We use vest to mean both (ie a British vest and an American vest – I had to double-check the British meaning to make sure, though), and an Australian would certainly know what a waistcoat was, although I tend to think of it as a male garment. I’ve no idea if American would look at me blankly when I said waistcoat, I don’t think I’ve ever tried. Confusing, right? And you thought we all spoke the same language!

    Yes, this does come all the way from the UK. There’s a British company, Rowan, that just makes the most gorgeous patterns and yarns. It’s a bit conservative, but very nice. I have trouble resisting. :-)

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