Desperate for Spring

About this time every year (at least since I’ve been living in Boston) I get desperate for spring. Today isn’t so bad – the sun is out, and it isn’t that cold – but last week was dire. I think we had five days straight without any sunshine, nevermind the comforting green of plant life! One thing that I like to do in the middle of winter is to force some bulbs. My mother has done this for years, but a few years ago I bought a forcing vase of my own. In the past, I’ve had success with paperwhites, and this year I bought some pink hyacinths (promised on the packet to be fragrant), and right now I have a flower opening.

As promised, it is fragrant, and it’s a welcome (if early) sign that spring will come! I have 3 more of these hyacinth bulbs, which are actually beginning to sprout in the bag. Hopefully I’ll have time this (long) weekend to put them in a pot, for some more hints of spring.


5 thoughts on “Desperate for Spring

  1. I know how you feel and I hate it too – but I’m pretty damn sure your winters over there in Mass. are much more sever than ours here. We were lucky last wekend and the first couple of days of this week. Beautiful, beautiful skies and unseasonably warm weather (apparently as high as 18 deg C in some places). It did go very cold over night because of the lack of cloud cover though, so had the tedium of scraping ice off the car in the morning.

    Grey and cold today though. :(

    *sending you some crocuses by telepathy LOL *

  2. nezza: Definitely too early for crocuses here! We had big snow storm yesterday/last night, though, and it’s a winter wonderland here this morning. It’s not all bad.

    crittermama: The first crocuses really are important, aren’t they? I always feel a sense of relief when I spot my first one.

    Arun Shanbhag: I can definitely recommend planting a bulb or ten. Super easy, and a nice way to welcome the end of winter.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. The bulb looks great, I’ve never tried that before. But looking at how pretty and artistic it is in that vase, inspires me to try. Hopefully, it would be easy and I would be rewarded with a beauty like what you have in that base.

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